Manhattan Patriots Football & Cheer, NFP was created as a non for profit organization to provide youth football and cheerleading for children from this community and surrounding communities.
Sponsored By:   Manhattan Dental Care Dr. Aversano
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2019 Manhattan Patriots Tackle Football Info


Our season will begin July 22nd.  We practice 5 days a week for the first month, then we go down to 3-4 days (Tues, Wed, Thurs) with the optional Monday or Saturday morning practice.  Practice times are 6pm-8pm.  We practice at Manhattan Jr. High and play our home games at Lincoln Way West.  We play 8 games with the first game being the weekend of August 3rd – 4th.  Our official schedule will be out in June.  We take Labor Day weekend off, but in case there is a rained out game prior, we will use this weekend to make up that rained out game.  At the end of the regular season, we will start playoffs, with hopes of making it all the way to the Super Bowl, which is at the end of October.  For some of the 8th grade players, there is a Pro Bowl at the end of the season.  For Pro Bowl, several players from each team in the league come together to make two teams and play a game the week after the Super Bowl. 


New this year is the Dynamite Level.  This is an instructional level for young kids (ages 5-6) looking to try tackle.  The Dynamite Level will practice from 6pm-8pm twice a week (Tues & Thurs) throughout the season. This level will have an 8 game schedule with no playoffs.


We will not practice Fridays after the first month.  We encourage our players to go to the high school games to show support at their future high school.  This is a great way for the players and parents to be fans now, and not just when the boys get to high school. 


Registrations are as follows:


Dynamite Level (Instructional Tackle) Ages 6-8:

$225.00 Registration Fee. (No raffle tickets and no purchase of a jersey for this level)


All remaining levels (SLW, LW, JV, & Varsity) Ages 6 - 14: 

Before February 11th  $225.00 Registration Fee for 1st child, $200.00 for 2nd child, and  $175.00 for 3rd child.

After February 11th prices go up by $50.00.


*$65.00 for new football jersey, this is yours for your child to keep.  (This is optional if you already have a jersey from the 2018 season you would like to reuse.)

* All other needed equipment provided except girdle, mouthpiece, socks and cleats.



*This is a prepaid fundraiser. You get 22 tickets to sell at $5.00 each. When you sell them you keep the money!


Participation/Equipment Checks: $300.00

The last 2 checks we ask for are for parent participation and equipment return.  These checks will be written for $150.00 each and post dated October 31, 2019. The check for Parent Participation will be returned if you complete 3 credits of volunteer work.  The Equipment Return check will be given back when all player equipment is returned.           


Also we will pass along dates for High School Camps that are available for your sons that are starting in the summer.  These are not mandatory, but we can’t stress enough to get your son to the high school camps that apply to them.  If they are going to Lincoln Way West, then please try to get them to LWW camps.  If they are going to Providence then get them to the Providence camps.  Start building that relationship with those coaches now.  Local coaching staffs and especially the head coaches are big supporters of the youth programs and are very interested in seeing your kids.